USB Flash Drive Packaging

A USB Stick can make a considerable impression on its own in our digital age. For some, the standard poly bags we ship our Flash Drives in are just right due to the ease with which the Sticks can be distributed; however, USBFlash24 also offers a world of packaging possibilities for those looking to impress their

friends or clients with a more complete gift package. Be it with a simple tin with a window that puts your stick on proud display, a compact plastic case, or one of our gorgeous wooden or cardboard boxes branded with your logo, we’ll help you go the extra mile with your USB Order.

Accessories for USB Flash Drives

Other options we can strongly recommend for expanding on your USB Stick Order are our various USB Stick Accessories. Choose from items like our charging cables, key rings, or lanyards. They make for great companions to your branded Memory Sticks, especially when it comes to their practicality! Find out more by clicking on the individual buttons below!